2017-2018 Free FLP/PCB Workshop Series

Workshops run monthly from September – May, on a Saturday, and run 2 hours. They are held at the Parkway Central branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia.​
They are capped at 15 participants.
The workshops are open to the public, so no experience should be necessary.
We have 10 sets of basic supplies (rulers, bone folders, brushes, scissors, Exacto knives, bookbinding awls, needles, linen thread, cutting mats, glue sticks, etc.)
Instructors will be compensated for teaching the workshop and reimbursed for any additional materials purchased.
To propose a workshop e-mail Karen Lightner at LightnerK(at)freelibrary.org

Please include:
– Workshop Title
– Workshop Description
– Short Artist Bio including link to website if you have one.
– Two images of what will be made in the workshop*
– And two preferred months for teaching.

10/14 -FLP/PCB Scheduled
11/ 4 -FLP/PCB Scheduled
12/2 -FLP/PCB BPS-Scheduled
1/13 -FLP/PCB
2/10 -FLP/PCB
3/10 -FLP/PCB
4/14 -FLP/PCB
5/19 -FLP/PCB

*Photos should run in a horizontal/landscape orientation, preferable with a 2:1 ratio (twice as wide as tall). 2160 x 1080px is a recommended dimension. Pictures can be JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF and between 500KB and 2MB.