Wagner Free Institute of Science

November 6, 2014
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Wagner Free Institute of Science

Members & Friends Meeting

Join us for a peek at the ​Library of the Wagner Free Institute of Science with Head Librarian Lynn Dorwaldt.

The Wagner Free Institute of Science began in 1855 as one of the earliest free adult science education programs in the United States. From the beginning it has combined public access to natural history and science materials with lively educational programs taught by acknowledged scholars. That agenda has altered little over time except to incorporate new fields of science and new theories of older disciplines. Today, the Institute offers a wide range of educational opportunities for people of all ages.

The Library is especially rich in early 19th century English and American works devoted to the history and teaching of science and technology. The extensive journal collection includes research done by most major European and Asian scientific societies and many publications from smaller (and for the most part defunct) scientific societies. The scientific revolution, intellectual and social history, and the history of science can be explored through material on philosophy, religion, science, and educational reform.

The archives and manuscripts collection includes the personal and business records of the founder William Wagner (1796-1885) dating from 1810 and the records of the Institute from its inception in 1855.

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