Catalog of my life: make a book from old library catalog cards and collage with Sally Willowbee

May 13, 2017
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Free Library of Philadelphia, Parkway Central

Use library catalogue cards, xeroxed photos and your own words to tell your life story. The cards will define the size of your book. Binder rings will provide binding for the wooden covers. Card catalogue pulls replicating the now antique card catalogue drawers will frame your title. Book titles are chosen from a large quantity of library index cards adding humor and/or wisdom to your story. Art materials..paints, colored pencils, rubber stamps will be supplied. Bring your xeroxed photos, and imagination.

Sally Willowbee is a sometimes-gray haired (sometimes pink or purple) artist who works with recycled materials, a self-taught furniture/cabinet maker/carpenter and a lifelong trashy woman. I have celebrated the joy books have given me as I designed my own books thru the years. The first book I produced had no words but it had a long title: Down in the Dumps: A How to Manual for Trash Picking or a Commentary on Society. I self-published a book called FOUND ARTISTS: On Country Roads, Side Streets and Back Alleys in South Jersey. It was in the making of books, that I discovered my own humor and began playing with words, visual images, puns, and corn. I love words, the sound of them, the pictures that come into my head and make me laugh. I love slang and made up words.


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