Bartram’s Garden

April 17, 2012
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bartram's Garden

Members & Friends Meeting

Join us this Spring at the historic home and garden of the Bartrams, America’s pioneering family of naturalists, botanists and explorers.

On this site more than 275 years ago, John Bartram, a Quaker farmer, was stopped in his tracks by a daisy while plowing his fields. The plant’s simplicity and beauty inspired John and his son, William to spend the rest of their lives exploring, collecting and seeking to understand all forms of nature.

Included in their historic collection are examples of John and William Bartram’s publications, and a small selection of artwork by William Bartram.

We will be led by Curator Joel Fry on a tour the garden, visit the John Bowman Bartram Special Collections Library, and will learn about the history of the Bartram family.

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